Module Three: Chronic Case Management



Knowledge of Module Two required

Module Three emphasizes  chronic case management — what to do after giving the first remedy. During this module we suggest beginning clinical work to bring your studies alive!

Principles: Evaluating the First Remedy, the Second Remedy, Obstacles to Cure and Aggravations, Provings, Chronic Case Analysis, Organon Study, Repertory Study, Homeopathy for Animals, Homeopathy and Psychology, computer based analysis.
Materia Medica: In-depth study of Metals including Aurum, Platina, Alumina, Plumbum; Mania Remedies including Stramonium, Hyosamus, Tarentula; and acids including Nitric acid and Phosphoric acid.

Download the syllabus for this Module. or see below:


Session One
Philosophy Organon para 162- 172
Skills: Homeopathy and Animals, Case Analyses
Materia Medica: Aurum, Palladium, Zinc, Stannum

Session Two
Philosophy: Organon para  173-186
Skills: Evaluation of the First Remedy, Case Analyses
Materia Medica: Plumbum, Ferrum, Alumina, Helleborus

Session Three
Philosophy:  Organon para. 187- 201
Skills: Homeopathy and Psychological conditions
Materia medica: Strammonium, Hyoscyamus, Tarentula, Mancinella

Session Four
Philosophy: Organon para. 202-209
Skills: The Second Remedy, Case Analyses
Materia Medica: Sulphuric acid, Picric  acid, Flouric acid , Kali phosphoricum

Session Five
Philosophy: Organon para. 210-220
Skills: Provings, Case Analyses
Materia Medica: Agaricus, , Camphora,, Moscus, Cyclamen

Session Six
Philosophy: Organon para. 221-229
Skills: Cycles and Segments, Intro to Miasms, Case Analyses
Materia Medica:  Petroleum, Sambucus, Sabina, Ambra Grisea