Module Five: Advanced Topics in Chronic Care



Knowledge of Module Four required

Module Five consists of  a series of premier guest lectures, including a session on homeopathic and vitalistic history, materia medica, and advanced topics in therapeutics and complicated cases. There is also a workbook is some extra material on  nutrition based on the principles of Weston Price. This topic has been included because poor nutrition is often an obstacle to cure in many homeopathic cases, so a basic education is necessary for a homeopathic practitioner.

Principles: Homeopathy and Interactions with Prescription Medications, Homeopathic History, Foundations of homeopathic philosophy, Long-term Case Management, Palliation for incurable cases, cases with advanced pathology, advanced case analysis.
Materia Medica: Poisonous Animal Remedies including Bufo, Theridion, Snake Venoms; Women’s Remedies, heart remedies and therapeutics, respiratory remedies and therapeutics, salts of magnesium and mercury.

Download the syllabus for this Module. (also can be seen below)

Module Five Syllabus

Session One
Snake remedies and advanced topics with Dr. Farokh Master
Quiz on Snake Remedies

Session Two
Materia Medica  and advanced therapeutics with Dr. Vijay Vaishnav
No Quiz

Session Three
Materia Medica and advanced therapeutics with Dr. Vijay Vaishnav
No Quiz

Session Four
Survey of Vitalistic and Homeopathic History with Dr. Lewis Keizer
No Quiz

Session Five
Materia Medica, History, and Advanced case analyses with Willa Keizer and Miranda Castro
Quiz on Hura, Murex, Bufo, Helonias, Theridion, Lilium tigrinum

Session Six
Healing Foods from Nourishing Traditions with Willa Keizer


  • four of your own chronic cases are due in this module. When these are all handed in and evaluated, we will schedule a conference with Willa, or your local instructor, to discuss your strengths and weaknesses as a beginning chronic prescriber, to help you focus your lifetime of learning as a homeopath!! Your completion of the Caduceus modules is just the beginning…