online healing foods class next week!

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to eat the right fats! Healthful fats nourish your hormonal system, reduce inflammation in your body, and give you a steady source of energy. And what are the right fats? They are natural whole foods such as butter and ghee from grassfed cows, and naturally extracted oils such as coconut, sesame, and olive. See infographic below to see why you should NOT eat margarine or any other fake fat:
Please join us for a free online class on cooking with ghee and other healthy fats. I will show you how to combine ghee or coconut oil with lentils, grains, and health promoting spices to make a delicious and easy to prepare healing dish called kitcheree, which can be adapted to your individual health needs.
Free online class! Thursday Oct. 1 @ 4 PM Pacific. RSVP to to register.