Lectures and Conference Calls

Please enjoy these lectures to discover how homeopathy helps in so many ways! Click on the titles below to play sound files:

  1. Introduction to the Caduceus Program
  2. Remedies for Stressful Times
  3. Homeopathy for Children 
  4. Menopause
  5. Starting a Practice as a Homeopath
    This is the first part of a conference call about starting a professional practice. Complete instruction in starting a practice is offered through a series of conference calls to be announced. They will be recorded and made available as an online seminar for advanced students.
  6. Echinecea-purpureaHomeopathy for Special Needs Kids
  7. Homeopathy for Allergies
  8. Planets and Healing
  9. Summer Remedies
  10. Iodine and Radiation
  11. Homeopathic Approaches to Flu Pandemics
  12. Fermenting for Health
  13. Homeopathy and Depression
  14. Kitchen Table Homeopathy
  15. Staying Healthy During the Holidays
  16. Homeopathy for Traumatic Events
  17. Traumatic Events Handout (PDF)

Further Resources
There are many good resources on the web for deepening your studies as well.
HomeopathyHome has many articles and discussion forums.
WholeHealthNow has a history time line, materia medica exercises, and information on professional software.