What Students Say

“My words cannot express how much I am enjoying your excellent instruction. Of the dozens of correspondence course that I researched I know that I chose the very best in Caduceus. I would recommend your course in a heartbeat to anyone interested in studying homeopathy.”

-Carole Lavoie, CT

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the whole module — found it fascinating and extraordinarily well presented and organized. I say that as a professional educator who’s spent decades teaching people how to organize material for pedagogical purposes.”

-Rosemary Hyde, Ph.D.


“Willa is a brilliant educator. I deeply thank her for providing the wealth of information she possesses and for opening the world of homeopathy to me.”

-Miriam Edelweiss, R.N., N.P.

“Although I have also studied homeopathy in another excellent and well-respected program, it was with Willa that I was finally able to understand the basics of homeopathy. Without this it is impossible to understand homeopathy or to use it effectively.”

-Katie Griffen, D.C.


“Willa is a wonderful teacher who brings homeopathy alive and makes it easy to learn. I highly recommend her course.”

-Sylvia Chatroux, M.D.

“I found Willa to be an inspiring teacher. Clearly one of the best teachers I have had.”

-Mary Ann Woodman, MA, DD


“Her basic course for health professionals is great. Her teaching style is low-key, well-paced, supportive, and thorough. The overall experience provides a good experience for acute prescribing.”

-Robert Turner, M.D.

“I have really enjoyed this first module and learning about acute prescribing. I’ve deepened my understanding of homeopathy in general, and feel such gratitude and awe for this amazing healing resource. I feel confident and able to support my family when acute situations arise. I also feel able to clearly articulate and laud the many virtues of homeopathy to my clients and students. I experienced the Caduceus Training Program as fun, straight forward and accessible. One of my favorite parts was the online email exchanges which really brought the material to life and fostered the sense of human connection that drew me to the work to begin with. I would recommend the training to others.”

-Jessica Radulovich