Profiles of Graduates

See how some of our graduates have set up their practices and used their education at Caduceus!  We offer a Certificate in Foundations of Homeopathy (CF Hom.) to graduates of Modules One through Six, and Certificate in Professional Homeopathy (CPH) for those who complete Foundational Modules 1-6 plus the Clinical Training Program. We also encourage our graduates to register with NASH and take the certification exam offered by the Association for International Homeopathic Certfication.

Hart Matthews, CPH, CCH
People Healing Themselves

When I came to homeopathy for help with debilitating allergies, I had lived for decades on antihistamines and decongestants and anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Homeopathy showed me how to stop fighting my own body and let it heal.

After homeopathy also helped my wife and my oldest child with their severe asthma, I decided to make a change of careers. Little did I know then that the study of homeopathy would bring a magic back into my life that I hadn’t experienced since childhood. It is so rewarding now to watch homeopathy restore energy and life and a sense of purpose to my clients.

Studying under Willa Keizer has been a transformative experience. Her teaching is solidly rooted in the classical principles of homeopathy. The Caduceus program gives students a good background in the most commonly prescribed remedies and teaches the skills of effective remedy study for the future. But the key to practicing homeopathy successfully is in getting a good case, and this is where the Caduceus teachings really shine. Willa stresses a case-taking method that is effective and so almost deceptively simple (it took years for me to understand).

Perhaps because I was an allergy sufferer myself, my practice seems to focus mostly on helping people with their allergies. I also work extensively with skin problems, headaches, digestive issues, poor sleep, mood and behavioral disorders and acute illness. More that half of my practice is kids.

I like to stress to my clients that they are doing the real work. A homeopathic remedy is only an adjunct, a little hint, a sort of way of tricking the body into finding a healthier way to be.



Lauren Speeth, CPH, CCH, IHC

Minister and Classical Homeopath

I chose The Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy for its emphasis on foundational knowledge and practical application. I knew I’d be taught more than theory; I’d have the chance to both watch a master practitioner through clinics, and try my hand as well. The personal feedback I received in clinic, as well as the interaction with other students, helped me gain a sense of mastery, while the self-paced, audio-based modules allowed me to keep up my studies despite a rigorous travel schedule. I appreciated the logical progression of the modules, and the way we dove so deeply into Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine and other key texts, providing a solid grounding in the philosophical, theoretical and historical foundations of homeopathy, the Materia Medica, and case management. After completing the program, I felt very well prepared to tackle the certification process, and to move forward with my referral-only private practice. I also felt well-connected to my fellow students, with whom I was fortunate to study. I’m grateful to Willa Keizer for the solid foundation she provided me in the field of Classical Homeopathy, now such a vital part of my life’s work.


Robin Gladstone, CCH
Specializing in Children and Families

My interest in homeopathy began with my own child who suffered from recurrent ear infections and was treated successfully with homeopathy. That experience led me to begin my own course of study.

I have an extensive background in early childhood education, so it was a natural progression to have my practice focus on pediatrics. I love working with children and their families. I treat acutely as well as constitutionally, and in the past year my practice has begun to grow substantially, and I now see an average of three new clients a week.

The best advertising has been direct references. I really feel that I have found my calling and can’t imagine ever doing anything else!

My education at the Caduceus Institute has fully prepared me for a successful practice in homeopathy.

Telephone: 831 234 -4714


Ben Ta’ati, CCH
Ben served as the Chair of Case Taking, Case Analysis and Repertory Department at American Medical College of Homeopathy in Phoenix Arizona for several years. He also maintains a full time practice in homeopathy.

My core foundation in Classical Homeopathy was developed through Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy where I gained invaluable knowledge and skills which helped me to become a successful Homeopathic Practitioner. Skills gained through this program also gave me the necessary knowledge and competency that enabled me to incorporate more advanced homeopathic techniques into my practice such as Rajan Sankaran’s sensation method. I highly recommend Caduceus Institute to any serious student of Homeopathy.

You can learn more about Ben’s practice by visiting his website at:

or contact his clinic at: 480-626-8485


Rosemary C. Hyde, Ph.D., CCH
Helping People with Difficult Health Issues

Helping a good friend with terminal cancer made me decide to retire from my previous career as college professor, psychologist, and cultural ethnographer, and become a homeopath. This was 8 years ago, and required being willing to go back to school and learn a new profession. As an experienced educator myself, I really appreciated the clarity and excellence of the homeopathic education I received through Caduceus Institute.

My goal as a healer is to help people with serious or difficult illnesses to feel better and sustain health, where possible, through the power of homeopathy.

After finishing my basic homeopathic courses with Caduceus Institute, I studied with Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan, taking his year-long post-graduate course on using homeopathy to address a wide range of serious diseases. In addition, I’ve participated in his clinics and have been supervised by him in treating patients so that I learned his methods in depth. I have also attended clinics and seminars and been supervised by other well known homeopaths as I’ve prepared for certification.

I’ve then built on this teaching to arrive at my own strategies for helping patients heal when other forms of treatment have failed. I’ve shared my insights frequently with the homeopathic profession in online forums and through professional journal articles and conference presentations.

My practice is international in scope. I work directly with patients across North America. I also serve frequently as a consultant to other homeopaths worldwide.

Many of my patients have come specifically for help with metastatic or late stage cancers. Using Dr. Ramakrishnan’s “Plussing Method” in addition to classical homeopathic treatment, we have frequently been able to put the progress of these cancers “on hold” while the clients are able to lead a comfortable, vibrant life and also to address whatever issues have been holding them back from becoming the best they can be. This is a beautiful, life-affirming process, and I feel privileged to play a role in it.

Rosemary C. Hyde, Ph.D.


Katie Cunha, CPH – busy practice in Texas with families


Caduceus has been an amazing online program and helped me so much in becoming the Homeopath I am today. I loved the self-paced program and the very interesting lectures and classes. Working closer with Willa in clinic and practicum was highly beneficial to see how to take effective cases and truly help people become well. Willa is a truly gifted Homeopath and I will even miss getting to learn from her wisdom since finishing the program. I currently treat about 100 clients per month and even have a waiting list of 8 months for new clients. I highly recommend Caduceus.

Katie K. Cunha
Certified Professional Homeopath
Homeopathic Services Longview
(903) 932-4399


Helena Roberts, CCH
Healing and Mentoring Others

Thank you for the excellent education I got from Caduceus! You gave us a solid background in every aspect of homeopathy, rubrics, materia medica, theory, case analysis. Clinic was an invaluable tool, too.

I am a practicing homeopath, handling both acute and constitutional cases, with great success for my clients. I also tutor budding homeopaths and students preparing for the CCH exam, and I have recently started a homeopathic study group for students of all levels of expertise including complete novices.

I enjoy all aspects of homeopathy. My favorite quote is, “Do what you love, and you will never work another day in your life.”


Will Cassilly, CCH
Working with Psychotherapists

I have been practicing Complementary Medicine for over 20 years, originally working as a massage therapist/body worker specializing in subtle energy work. In 1990 I received a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and worked as a psychotherapist integrating somatics and counseling skills.

After completing my studies at the Caduceus Institute, l passed all the exams for my National Certification in Classical Homeopathy. Currently, I am developing a private practice through networking with other health care practitioners, especially those involved in the field of mental health. I find that psychotherapists can be a good source of referrals.

Web Site:


Miah Kim, CF Hom.
Achieving maximum wellness by treating the whole person, not just the disease

My interest in homeopathy was initiated when my first child was in her teething phase. I happened to go into a health food store and ran upon a natural product and was amazed at how well it worked. It was a homeopathic remedy.

I was so impressed that I researched far and wide for an institute that can teach me the magic of homeopathy to take better care of my children. Searching for proper training, I came upon Caduceus Institute. Their long distance program gave me the flexibility to learn and focus at my own pace, and Willa’s direction and tutelage was pivotal in learning the classical homeopathy of Samuel Hahnemann.

My practice is at its beginning phase, and the satisfaction I get from helping people with their ailments that modern medicine can’t cure is priceless.



Ray Malecki, CF Hom.
Helping Families Who Prefer Natural Living

Thank you to The Caduceus Institute for the excellent pace-yourself program. Homeopathy, though in its essence a simple subject, requires of its aspirants years of dedicated study. Willa Keizer, the Director, and herself a master practitioner, is special in her ability to see clearly, and to tell you clearly, the exact direction in which you need to proceed to rise to each successive level.

I have been interested in health, exercise, nutrition, and healing, all my life. Homeopathy was a natural fit: it is simple, sensible, gentle, harmonious, restorative. It seemed destined to become part of my life. Most of my clients are parents and their children who are trying to live a more healthy lifestyle, in harmony with nature, eating wisely, exercising outdoors, drinking pure water, reading about health and natural living, and Homeopathy aligns with these life choices.

It is a precious legacy we have from Dr. Hahnemann, a technology to engage and sustain the healing mechanisms of the body, that really works. It is an honor and a privilege to apply his discoveries to help others.

Please visit my website: Email and telephone contact information is on the website. Or come see me in Salt Lake City, or Park City, Utah.



Maida Curtovic, CF Hom.
Natural Health Consultant

As a Natural Health Consultant, I originally approached the “problem” of curing through the treatment of symptoms rather than a more holistic approach which encompasses the mind and emotions as well as the body. The results were partially successful but often times the symptoms would return in the same form or with variations.

In my constant search for answers, homeopathy presented itself as the only possible solution for me, as it is the closest one to my way of thinking. The one problem was that it’s quite difficult to master homeopathy.

Caduceus Institute Of Classical Homeopathy helped me absorb and grasp the fundamental principles of homeopathy and gave me irreplaceable support in my work and education.

Thanks to my training at the Caduceus Institute, I feel that I am on the right path to help people understand that pills are not always the solution to their problems.

In addition to treating the whole person, my approach to healing demonstrates how to apply homeopathy as a philosophy of life. This combined approach gives my patients the means to achieve positive results.

Maida Curtovic
Phone: 706/778-0415


Sandra Seaman, CF Hom.

I came to homeopathy later in my life. I was a lampwork glass bead maker and jewelry artist for many years. I was led to homeopathy through the treatment of my whole family. We discovered homeopathic treatment when we were on vacation and my daughter, who has Asperger’s syndrome, was having a lot of stomach discomfort. Since that time, we have all been treated for various acute and chronic conditions.

Both of my children are adopted from Korea and have had chronic issues since their birth. My husband is a cancer survivor and I have dealt with my own chronic issues that go all the way back to childhood. As the whole family underwent treatment with homeopathy, I quickly found that I felt called to learn this system of healing.

The Caduceus School of Homeopathy was a great foundational program for me. It allowed me to work at my own pace while learning to manage my own family’s complicated cases. I also studied Homeopathic Facial Analysis with Grant Bentley of Australia which I have found to be an invaluable tool to augment my classical foundation. I take a special interest in cases with adoption issues, behavioral issues, sensory processing disorder, co-dependency issues and mental health issues.



Rose Mahovsky CF Hom
Life Designs LLC Healthy Living & Homeopathic Care

My background is Business Administration. However, an opportunity presented itself, years ago, to become a Certified Personal Trainer. The ability and freedom to run my own business was perfect, since we have been blessed with three beautiful children. I was able to be a stay at home mom – Life Designs was started. It has now morphed into a homeopathic practice (nutrition and personal training support for the client as they desire), which allows me the ability to continue to stay at home with my children, in which we now homeschool.

My family was introduced to homeopathy in 2004 and I have been utilizing it since 2005. We have had many health issues, form migraines to PANDAS…the road of health would have been impossible if it wasn’t for the God given gift of homeopathy. I personally have a passion to help those that physically suffer and homeopathy is one way in which I can help.

I feel blessed to have found Caduceus Institute with Willa Keizer. Caduceus created a strong foundational base for me and allowed me to work at my own pace. I also studied Homeopathic Facial Analysis by Grant Bentley and use it as my main diagnostic tool. I thank Willa for supporting the use of it throughout my case work in Caduceus.

I am excited to see what the future holds. At this point I have to limit my clientele, but am grateful for the clients I do have and look forward to the ones I will see in the future.



Martha Wright CF Hom
Cured of Lyme Disease by Homeopathy

The self-paced and online course offered by Willa Keizer, the director of Caduceus Institute has built a solid structure for me to continue on in the deeply engaging field of Homeopathic studies. Although I had a great, great, grandfather who was a homeopathic medical doctor, I was not acquainted with it much till I was cured of Lyme Disease by homeopathy in 1991.

I am now at the age, where looking back, I can only imagine the benefits of cure that might have been possible for many people close to me who could have been saved by correct homeopathic treatment. Being able to take the course at Caduceus was in truth an answer to a prayer and a monetary gift from a benefactor. I wanted “hard” knowledge that I could benefit others with, and a deep knowledge of the origins of physical and mental disorders and how to really cure them.

I am very thankful to Willa Keizer for envisioning the Caduceus Institute and untangling the multitude of knots that made it possible for people like me to attend. I see a great need for homeopathy and also a need to educate the general population about it. Homeopathy is a life-long study that is limitless and I am thankful to be on this path. I hope to encounter many types of cases and be challenged with their mystery and life’s mystery. I like the saying – “God has put you in my way.”