Your education at Caduceus Institute qualifies you to be internationally certified by the Association for International Homeopathic Certification  , upon successful completion of their exam and other requirements. This organization is headed by some of the world’s most esteemed homeopaths, and we are delighted that they have founded this certifying organisation to strengthen homeopathy  on a global level. 

If you choose to sit for the AICH exam, you will be joining the first truly international homeopathic certification program.  All members of the AIHC will know that you are well qualified as a classical homeopath, and may be a basis for referrals worldwide.

We also support our students who wish to pursue NASH  registration. Certification or registration is not the same as licensure — licenses to practice homeopathy are not available in most states. Certifications and registrations affirm your competence in homeopathy but will not enhance your legal status to practice.

In addition to supporting the above two organisations, Caduceus Institute offers three levels of certification from our school:

Certificate in Acute Homeotherapeutics upon successful completion of module one

Certificate in Foundations of Homeopathy upon successful completion of modules one through six (CF  Hom)

Certificate in Professional Homeopathy upon successful completion of modules one through six, plus practicum and all  three clinical modules. (CPH)

Please contact us for details or if you have questions.


atropa belladonnaThe AIHC and NASH require 500 classroom hours, all of which can be obtained via distance learning.

Here is how you can get your classroom hours through our program:

Phase One: Foundational Course consists of Modules One through Six – 300 hours. In addition to completing the study modules, you must also participate in 50 hours of conference calls and online discussions to get the full 350 hours of credit.

Fee: $500 for modules 1-5, $700 for module 6 or $3,200 plus registration. You can register for one module at a time if you like.

Upon successful completion of Modules 1-6, we offer CF Hom. certification (Certificate in Foundations of Homeopathy).

Phase Two: Practicum module consists of 25 actual  cases — you are guided through an analyses of each one. 150 hours.

Fee: $750 plus registration


This module was a great exercise and I learned a lot. It really sharpened my case analysis skills. I’m now using the Practicum questions for my own cases because they help bridge the gap between the words of the client and the words of the repertory so nicely. So this module helped me in this nebulous area the most. It also sharpened my knowledge of the miasms. Every serious student or practitioner should take it.

Gail Wilson, Milbrae, CA


Helleborus_nigerThe AIHC requires 250 hours of clinical training plus 5 of your own cases that are supervised by a Certified Classical Homeopath. Clinical training is essential if you are planning to use your homeopathic skills in a professional practice.

Here is how you get the required clinical hours:

Phase One: Clinical Modules A&B consist of DVD cases that are sent to you individually, at your own pace. You take the case from the DVD and send in your analyses according to the format we provide.

Clinical Program A: 30 DVD cases @5 hours per case= 150 hours
Fee: $850 plus registration

Clinical Program B: Additional video cases for a total of 100 hours
Fee: $575 plus registration

Phase Two: Case Supervision 5 cases with 2 follow ups per case to conclude the certification requirements.

Fee: $600 plus registration

Upon successful completion of the entire program, which consists of Modules one through six, practicum, and clinical program, we offer CPH certification (Certificate in Professional Homeopathy).

If you register for the entire program at once, and avoid multiple registration fees, the entire program will cost $6,075 for a complete training in homeopathy. This is a savings of $900 over registering for the modules individually. You will also need to purchase textbooks.

This program is self paced! This means you can begin any time, and complete it at your own pace, which is three to five years for most students.